A SMALL CHANGE with big results - the brow wax



I want to let you in on one of the best tricks to looking vibrant, awake and full of life - even when you just rolled out of bed and aren't feeling it yet.

I first discovered the awesome impact of having my brows tinted when my kiddos were tiny. People would ask me, "Are you tired, are you feeling okay?" I remember thinking, shoot, I actually got decent sleep last night why is everyone worried about me? Then I realized, holy cow, people's level of concern for me has nothing to do with how much sleep I have actually gotten and everything to do with how washed out my brows (and lashes) look. I need a tint!

I've heard again and again from clients how a brow clean-up (wax) or tint makes all of the difference. They look and feel refreshed, put-together and awake.

And ... it's so easy. This 15-minute service saves so much time in the morning Sure, I still wear mascara and brow gel for date night, but what a boost in confidence to know I can skip makeup at the gym, school drop-off and the grocery store.

blue eyes. This year I tinted her brows and lashes before school picture day and what a striking difference Best part is, she still looked natural and it was subtle enough not to freakout my husband. Tinting is now her go to service and fingers crossed, I think I have postponed an interest in makeup for a few years.

Does looking effortlessly fabulous appeal to you? Give tint a try.

This month add a Brow Tint or Brow Wax to any service at Orange Poppy for just $10. We can even schedule your brow service while your hair color processes or your nails dry. And what the heck, I love lash tints too so try one of those for just $25. Make sure to call ahead or add these services when you schedule online, And don't worry, our incredible front desk team will make sure the discount is applied when you checkout. 
Have a beautiful day,

Dana Stillman