WE HEAR YOU and here's how we are making your life easier...


Time flies when you’re having fun. Over the past 3 years we’ve been having fun and listening to you. Based on your feedback we've made some updates --I hope you are enjoying the new website.  

Spoiler Alert: here are some changes you may be noticing: 

You let us know that you love the option to book online but it was not as quick and easy as you would like - especially from your phone. Voila - cheers to more straightforward on-line scheduling

You no longer see Men’s and Women’s haircuts. Now we offer Custom Haircut Short- 45 minutes and Custom Haircut - 1 hour. Why? Because you can have any style you want regardless of your gender. We just need enough time to get you a precision cut and personal style. Also, we are not fans of the “pink tax” (that’s where everything for women costs more - just because it’s pink and for women.)  

You may have noticed small increases in the investment for some services. The great news is we have done our best to make sure that everything necessary to achieve your desired outcome is included in the price so you are not taken aback at checkout. 

This brings up two annoyances that you will not find at Orange Poppy. 

Up-selling of Add-ons during your service:

I had a recent experience I'm sure you can relate to. I was at a nice spa in the mountains with some college friends. During a 50-minute facial, my esthetician made 3 attempts to up-sell me $20 add-ons. Did I want an oil infused hand treatment, an eye and lip add-on or an upgraded anti-aging mask. No! I wanted a great facial for my skin type and a chance to relax. At Orange Poppy we are here to serve not sell.

Talent levels or Price Tiers:

At Orange Poppy, we only have master technicians. Earlier this year, I had a client who told me an awful story about how her skin lifted (burned and ripped) at one of those wax places - when she called the next day they told her to book with a Level 1 waxer the next time. What!? I guess you get what you pay for. While you may prefer a particular technician at Orange Poppy for their personality or style, we have eliminated the confusion of multiple price points and leave no room for excuses for less than impeccable service.  

Finally, you will see loyalty discounts built right into some of our services and packages. We enjoy seeing you on a regular basis because we know that once your self-care needs are met, you will show up confidently and serve from a place of overflow. While it may seem small to you, the ripple effect of your radiance could have an extraordinary impact.