ANNUAL AVEDA SALE! It's our way of saying thank you.

If you follow our blog then you already know that almost half of products being sold online are counterfeit and, worse than that, they are often toxic. Luckily, you don’t have to worry because we are offering you the chance to stock-up on professional, eco-friendly products, that work -- at our Annual 20% off AVEDA Event.

You might be wondering if AVEDA products are organic. I think you will agree that what you are really asking is: can I feel good about using these products, are they a good value, do they work without causing harm to me or our world? And the answer is, of course! 

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it now: You will never find parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde or other toxic junk in products at Orange Poppy Spa.

As a savvy consumer, I'm guessing you also want your products to work. If your smoothing product doesn't really tame frizz then why would you buy it? But if you’re like most people, you’ve made the mistake of being talked into some natural or organic product only to learn the hard way that rubbing fruits and nuts and berries on your hair or skin may feel good and smell nice but it will not change a thing.

Orange Poppy Spa is not what's called an “Aveda Concept” Spa. Meaning we don’t carry every product Aveda offers and we do offer other brands. Why? I think you’d agree that in Boulder’s climate nobody really needs an anti-humectant pomade. 🤣Sure it might be easier and more efficient to only carry one brand and convince you that’s what is best for you. But at Orange Poppy Spa you are our top priority. So we test, research, sample and continually evaluate how to get you the best results while respecting your body, our community and our planet.

Come discover for yourself how professional, eco-friendly products that work can boost your confidence. Ask one of our stylists what would work best for you. 

With gratitude, Perrin

Perrin Chipouras