Are you unknowingly putting your HEALTH AT RISK?

If you’re serious about your health and you buy beauty products from companies like Amazon -- beware, 40% of what you buy and put on your body is counterfeit and toxic. 

You probably shop online because it’s easy, right? You may be like me -- a busy professional, a wife, a mother and your time is at a premium, but after you read all of this it will be obvious why you now have to be careful when you shop online.

Did you know?

In January a report by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) revealed that 20 out of 47 brand new beauty products purchased from legitimate online sellers including Amazon Prime were COUNTERFEIT.

Yes, nearly half of what you may have purchased is counterfeit. And on top of that, it gets much worse, much of it is toxic. 

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that seized counterfeit cosmetics have been found to “contain hazardous substances, including cyanide, arsenic, mercury, lead, urine, and rat droppings.” Scary!☠️

Virtually all companies use packaging that is made in China. So, even products that are manufactured in FDA facilities and adhere to the strictest of standards can be faked and sold way under market value to online retailers.

So, why am I sharing all this scary news with you? Easy, I’m sharing it because I care about your health and running Orange Poppy Spa I’ve seen what these horrible products can do to harm people.

Just last week, a client came to see me for the for the first time. She was suffering from inflamed, red skin covered in small pustules (blister like pimples) on her cheeks. She had been working from home due to her utter embarrassment about her appearance. As we discussed what may have triggered such an angry, unexpected purge by her skin, she let me know that this started after using a new bottle of a vitamin-A serum that she bought online from dermstore. She hadn’t made the connection because it was a serum brand that she had used for years - only difference -- every other time she had purchased it at her dermatologist's office. Yes, you guessed it, counterfeit. 

In less severe cases, I have had client’s report that their skin must have “gotten used” to the serum they were using because it did not seem to work anymore. You guessed it again, they had saved a few dollars by ordering it online. The serum still works, unfortunately they were likely using counterfeit junk. 

Okay, that’s enough doom and gloom.. We are a spa after all and as you know, we are here to help you feel your most beautiful, confident self.
And, having visited us you probably know that the two main professional eco-friendly brands we have chosen at Orange Poppy Spa -- Kevin Murphy for hair and Osmosis MD for skin -- are ONLY sold through licensed professionals.

Buying through licensed professionals is really the only way to know that you’re getting the high quality products and results that you are paying for.

If you ever find either of these product lines online they have been illegally diverted or are counterfeit so be careful.

What could possibly be more convenient than picking up your shampoo, facial serums and sunscreen at the same time as you receive services?

Our licensed Stylists, Nail Techs and Estheticians are ingredient nerds and are at your disposal to help you choose game-changing products you will love.

For the rare instances when you need something last minute, give us a call (303-544-1537) or email us ( and tell us what products you need. We are happy to run out for curbside delivery, there is a loading zone just out our front door - so you don’t even have to park. We can also mail products to you! If you have a credit card on file in our booking system it’s extra easy.

If you’re not fully convinced yet that shopping local is best for your health, your town and the economy, that’s OK, keep on-line shopping and take your chances.

And don’t worry, we will be here without judgement to help you heal should the odds not come out in your favor at some point.