Natural Nail Tech

Have you ever felt undervalued at your nail tech gig?

Did you get into this business to help people feel fabulous, make good money and enjoy a flexible schedule only to experience the thankless reality of a commission pay system? Are you dreading the winter slow down when you still have to sit at work even though you are barely getting paid. Or maybe you went out on your own and are struggling to build a loyal clientele and learn Quickbooks?

Are you still hopeful you can find a professional position where you are respected for your education and skill?

The service industry is a mainstay of the middle class. Guests appreciate our technical expertise and increasingly value sincere human connection. At Orange Poppy Spa we foster an environment of mutual respect, with each other and our guests. We honor your career choice - and pay accordingly. You will make a guaranteed minimum of $120/shift from day one and the sky is the limit from there.

Yelp! ranks Orange Poppy the #1 Nail Salon, Manicure and Pedicure in Boulder. We are busy, we are turning away clients everyday that you could be serving.

When you are ready to stop being stuck in a thankless gig and step into a rewarding career as a thriving Nail Technician bring your resume by and say hello. Or send your resume to Make sure to use the Subject Line: Thriving Natural Nail Tech

Enjoy True Freedom, Professional Respect and Financial Abundance

Orange Poppy makes your life easier.

  • You have the freedom to block your schedule while enjoying the security of being a W-2 employee - unheard of!

  • You can trade services, (yes, even with people who do not work at Orange Poppy)

  • Get paid for attending education

  • Work in a beautiful, clean, bright space complete with ergonomic workstations and professional backbar products

  • Work with an owner who wants your input, while being supported by a devoted, kind, competent crew of peers

  • You keep 100% of your tips (no credit card fees, self-employment tax or tipping out)

  • Earn monthly spa cash, paid vacations, health pay

Want to be part of our high vibe culture? Bring your resume to the spa and say hello. Or send your resume to Make sure to use the Subject Line: Thriving Natural Nail Tech


I have worked in and been a patron of many nail salons throughout my career and can sincerely say that Orange Poppy's standards and values surpass even "high end" and "4-star" salons in all respects. I'm so grateful to work for an owner who is flexible, kind and values mutual respect, in an environment that is bright, bustling and adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness. These factors motivate creativity and create a strong family environment. It's rare to find a work place in this field that is cohesive, friendly and rewarding. I'm stoked at the prospect of adding a new personality and talent to our team!