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Orange Poppy Spa Core Values


cultivate confidence

We recognize that when self-care needs are met, we can live from a place of overflowing love, energy and confidence. When we feel effortlessly fabulous our mere presence can make others happy. When we look and feel authentic and vibrant we carry that confidence into everything we do, which creates a powerful ripple effect.

ingredients matter

We offer professional, eco-friendly products that work. We are ingredient nerds and continually seek information and education so we can serve as a trusted resource to our guests. We authentically believe that all of our products and services will deliver the desired results in a way that works with our bodies and respects the world.


honor time

When someone chooses to invest their time (and money) in Orange Poppy it is a gift. We honor this gift by celebrating each guest and making them our priority. This respect extends to all aspects of how we conduct business including scheduling, team benefits and compensation.  

get curious (not furious)

We genuinely enjoy people. We relish hearing stories and recognize each interaction is an opportunity to expand our worldview. If a situation gets tough, we get curious. Everyone can not always be right, but each individual is important and their opinions, needs and wants are worth our attention.


be interdependent

Orange Poppy is greater than the sum of its parts. Together we create a high vibe experience that speaks for itself. Our individual energy and work reflects upon and impacts everyone here. We are professionals and enjoy a culture of mutual respect. Working together makes success inevitable -not to mention, more fun!


We are now hiring ...


natural nail tech

Have you ever felt under appreciated working as nail technician? Are you still hopeful you can find a professional position where you are respected for your education and skill?

At Orange Poppy we foster an environment of mutual respect, with each other and our guests. We honor your career choice - and pay accordingly.

hair stylist

Are you tired of never being able to take a weekend off? Are you interested in having the freedom to block your schedule? Maybe you’re intrigued by the idea of being your own boss? Sounds fun and cool right?

Well, I'll let you in on a little secret ...